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I’m actually hated how there is no account at 11. Just feeling wrong. Everything added has a thing – even if it’s a bit – but 11 does not. Level 13 seems to accept buy runescape gold iron, they are trained a little slow, ambitious to save some siphons.

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Level 14 is good, I guess, but overwhelming. Only accept 5 (8,286 pieces of accessories EXP), a decrease of 10%. Which is added separately to the top of 2.5%, accept the addition of 158,210 accessories EXP. Level 15 is actually huge. This is one of the advantages of the exchange, unless the cost is annoying. Any person who wants to clean up 3 or finish 4 + calm 2 but do not want to complete multiple copies, travel is completely rich.


For me personally, P4E2 is a simple choice, if I finally get a SOS, put it in my hands, but now I will calmly ring it there. Complete this blessing. 16, once again, in reality attracted the blacksmith, but even for them, it seems to be absolutely overwhelming because it is 320,080 accessories EXP. The full attenuation of the amplitude, in fact, should be accepted is exciting things.

Level 17 feel a bit similar to 15. If that kind of 17 is a lot of worship money, the application of the separator to activate the institution may be exposed to the extent to which it is, if it is not a complete big ticket, it’s just a sort of not important. Advanced P4E2 and scav 3 Is the proper decay and big ticket, it will see the use, it would be nice to have.

Level 18 is indiscriminately fucking overwhelming. If it is 14.5% of the 17.5%, now 25% of this will be a rich maritime organization. I think it’s just 5% of the money we spend on the accusations, but it feels nothing.

Level 19 in the above aspect is 17. Completely drought – even if it is proved to be a complete acceptable thing in the application sense. Level 20 is definitely a “big” return in quite acceptable P5, AS3, bitter 3, additional 3, sudden 3, and 3 body. The The

Impatiently increased from 27% to 29.7%, which is 3 times adrenaline often increased by 2.7%. Enhanced close to 3 of the process volume rose from 13.5% to 14.85%, which is 3 times abnormal 100% prayer 1.35% often added.

From the addition of 6% crit to an increase of 6.6% of the addition of crit, better advocacy from 3.8% to 4.18% benefit. If it works with the cleanup function, it is also perfect. In general, this is somewhat overwhelming, and I expect them to be able to accept a little  increase in promoting aggregation, but it looks pretty good.


I accept the addition of 5% Cesspool reduction, will accept the  enjoyment, see it in the atomic 10% more. Only one of my de facto hate is similar to 16, a person seems to have no travel at all.

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